• Patient Care Supplies

Patient Care Supplies

Patient Care Supplies

Provides the patient care devices in retail and wholesale such as all generation of oxygen producing machines with oxygen gauges, air mattresses, wheelchairs, bed, and other below.

- Handle electric beds
- All type of wheelchairs
- Air beds
- Toilet chairs, Bath Benches
- Oxygen producing machines / Size 3 - 10 liters / Made from USA, China, and Taiwan
- Suctions, Blood pressure monitors
- Glucose Monitor
- Thermometers (Normal and Infrared)
- Nebulizer
- Pulse Oximeters
- Walkers
- Scales
- Consumables

And various patient care devices for sale, we are delivering around the country.

Electric Patient Bed

Please contact K.Chonthila at 09 4292 8293


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Company Name: ChonthilaPatientCareDeviceCenter
Contact Person: Chonthila
Province: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Mobile: +66 91-465-6535